Saint Joseph's Children's Home


Saint Joseph's Children's Home


Resident at St. Joseph's Children's Home are involved in a full range of on- and off-campus recreational activities that include a 4-H club, summer swimming lessons, animal program, choir, drama, gardening and supervised outdoor recreations.


St. Joseph's Children's Home has a long and rich tradition in agriculture. In the 1930's the children of the facility were involved in raising purebred sheep, dairy cattle and poultry and of growing fine vegetables. The older children were enrolled in 4-H, and raised 4-H animals and vegetables and helped to care for the dairy cows, poultry, and hogs, and to tend to the garden.

Today the youth of St. Joseph's Children's Home continue to participate in the 4-H program. The St. Joseph's Lone Star 4-H Club raises goats, sheep, pigs, steers and rabbits. The residents of the facility care for the animals throughout the summer and show them at the local county fair each year. The proceeds from the sale of the animals are awarded to the residents. The children of the facility are also involved in gardening and grow a mixture of flowers and vegetables each year.


St. Joseph's Children's Home residents are offered after-school activities that promote health, confidence and proper use of leisure time. These activities include a 4-H club, playground time, choir and swimming lessons. They also can participate in weekend outings, such as skating, bowling, sporting events, going to a movie, going to the zoo or taking a picnic to one of the area parks.  Swimming lessons are a seasonal program.